the daisies
something like that

Take this string and tie it around my fingers
Cut off the circulation and watch until they turn purple
And fade into black like the tired picture on the television screens
That we dull our minds with every day until we have no original
Thought left at all.
This is the world we created and live in every day.
How does it make you feel?
Chew on the fat to know you’re still alive, it all still remains -
Very routine indeed.
Take the blade to the wrist to watch your life flow down
Bathroom sinks; shake your head in disgust; you can’t believe
You let yourself become such a mess
And even more disappointing you realize
How incredibly uninspired you are.
Tapping fingernails against the glass, trying to catch
someone else’s attention. Anybody else, really.
All you want is someone to just “Look at me, no hands.”

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